Friday, April 20, 2012

Picked up a Buck Hoodlum and Spyderco Persistence (which is awesome), the very instance I held the persistence I knew it rocked.  The blade design is sweet and it feels so good, anyways the Hoodlum rocks, the sheath sucks but just like the 99 extra lives in Contra there is a work around for everything.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Supplements are great but NOTHING can take the place of knowledge and experience.  You need years of training and diet to finally start to figure out what works, but you can supplant some of the knowledge and experience by talking or READING about what other people have done.  My company is extremely well disciplined, so during the weekly safety brief instead of saying the same boring thing of don’t beat your wife or your dog, I try to get them to change one thing in their lives, like stop watching TV.  Read a book or article that will help improve your life or change your family tree.

If you have young kids that lift weights or play sports you better know who is influencing them, and if they are anything like me when I was young it was the bodybuilding magazines (fake).  Every single bodybuilder is a cheater, they don’t take NO Xplode they take testosterone or steroids.  Why would they take a supplement from GNC when they have pharmaceutical grade testosterone, they wouldn’t.  Luckily the universe did not put me in a position where I could have taken steroids because I probably would have and right now my body chemistry would be jacked up.

If you follow MMA then you know that Allistar Overeem tested positive with a T/E ratio of 14/1.  A normal person is 1/1 and no one is 2/1, so why do professional sports allow 4/1 and Las Vegas 6/1?  What Allistar’s positive test tells me is that he never in a million years thought he would be caught.  The commission and WADA are such jokes that if you do get caught you are an idiot who has levels of 14/1.  Jose Canseco was right 99% of all pro athletes are on the juice, the governmental bodies that regulate the sports allow it.  By allowing athletes to have a T/E ratio of 6/1 they encourage everyone to cheat.

Enough of the cheating rants, people are always going to cheat and nothing is ever going to be done to stop it. 

The last time I took a NO Xplode product was during my 1st Tour to Iraq, I was ripped and sent my picture into muscle and fitness and they actually printed it (Frank Mir was on the cover).  I had my yearly physical and my blood pressure was off the charts, when they hooked me up to a machine that gave a printout of my heart beating, the doctor was concerned.  Thus I stopped taking that kind of supplement and have stuck with regular old creatine, protein and caffeine. 

Enter the Joe Rogan podcast and a company called Onnit.  Rogan was pimping a product called Shroomtech, developed from the cordyceps mushroom which I was already taking in my green drink.  I listened to information and starting reading up on the ingredients online, one great thing that Onnit does that everyone else doesn’t is they use the best ingredients.  Look at your multi vitamin or anything that contains Vitamin B12 if it says cyanocobalamin it sucks.   Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form and is cheap; Onnit uses methylocbalamin which cost more because you can’t make it in a lab.  Of course this is debated with the paid shills and government beauracrats telling me there is no difference and both are equal.  The gov/doctors also tells us that french fries qualify as a vegetables during school lunch, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame aren’t bad for you and of course the all-time classic from back in the day when smoking was a common cure for coughs.  Don’t forget adding these death sticks to the daily rations of soldiers.  I wonder if the government promoted smoking in the military because they were bribed by the tobacco industry or to save money on benefits if all the soldiers died in their 50’s.

Anyways’ Shroomtech is awesome it gives me the opposite feeling of my heart racing a million times a minute, I’ve been using it for 60 days and it rocks.  Look into it and stop drinking glorified sugar water known as monsters, unless you want to be THAT” guy who comes to crossfit hopped up on Monsters and Xplode and pukes it all out, what a waste.
Onnit has a lot of codes to save money look around you will find one, if you are feeding your brain information you can be damn sure someone else is. 

Break Your Plateau 

I haven’t been paid anything or received anything from Onnit, I used the code “Rogan” and saved 10% when I purchased the products

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bell Mountain

Another awesome backpacking trip before the dreaded ticks invade.  I was able to score a new backpack this winter for a great price, the Osprey Atmos 50. (which if you can find the 2011 verison, is a screaming deal).  The pack works great and I think it looks cool, but the coolest thing I bought was a GSI Outdoors mug and bowl combo.  The nesting concept is great and they worked so great after the hike I bought the micro dualist.

If you are in Missouri, Bell Moutain it is a great hike, the second highest peak in Missouri offers a fantastic view.  The peak has a couple great camp sites and Council Bluff Lakes has a couple.  I was actually surprised that the Ozark Trail has such an awesome website.  You can search different hikes and provides you with fantastic topo maps, Link Here If you can't read a map and go hiking without one, you are asking for a disaster or a spot on the 10 o'clock news.

If you make the peak before sunrise, it has a great place for some yoga.

One casualty on the trip was my ESEE Jungles, the duracoat came right off.  Oh well last time I duracoat a knife that I use.  Probably last time I waste time with an elaborate pattern
The KBAR survived a little better.

I love taking NOOBs camping and watching them cut down a tree with a knife for the first time.  What a feeling you get hacking down a tree and processing firewood, then building a fire without matches.  Reminds me when I was 16, after a date with Stephen S.  I pulled into her driveway, I turned to say thanks before going around and opening her car door.  The next thing I remembered was her porch lights flashing, apparently 15 minutes had elapsed during the first make out session of my young life.  I open my eyes still in a daze, my windows were fogged up, she said thanks and ran inside, what a feeling.