Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Molle Compatibility

Esee 3 in MARPAT attached to my kit, with 2 small molle-lok. Notice the flat sides, if you are going to attach to molle as your primary carry option send me a not with your order to keep the sides straight.

No Molle-Loks?  An easy fix are pieces of kydex that the knife sheath screws into included on orders for molle gear

Works great for Gerbers, SOG Multi Tool and Leathermans.  Compatibility

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aftermath of The Falls

It was a great trip, a true test of what you are made of.  When someone in the party goes down, are you willing to carry more than your share of the load, 100% and then some.  Are you just trying to get a go everyone else be damned.  Someone goes down pick them up and move out, stop wasting time, complaining isn't going to solve anything and the more it sucks the better it is.  Want to see what your made of; try carring a 70lb dog for 10 miles up a mountain.

#1 heat causalities can happen at anytime or in this case hot rocks and dogs paws are a disastrous combination ARE YOU READY?  Dog Boots are a must, whoever tells you that dog boots don't work use musher's wax punch them in the face for 2 reasons:
     1.  They are an arm chair general who has never ever been outdoors (sort of like a dude named Collin, reviewing a pack, that has never seen the outside of his cubicle)
     2.  Musher's wax, by itself, isn't going to save your dogs from hot rocks, maybe the mean streets and hazards of a walk down the street but not 14 miles.  Using both is best but BOOTS are a must.  Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots (review coming)

If you venture to the Falls and it hasn't rained for months, don't bother it is just another pile of rocks.

The Falls with no water

Which Protein ?????

I use Dymatize Protein Powder because I like products that taste good and don't fake it.  They put right on the label NO ASPARTAME, if you are eating products with aspartame good luck.  So I emailed them to says thanks for making a protein powder without poison.

Haven't tried Dymatize Protien.....Follow my blog then email me and I'll send you a sample.

Break Your Plateau

Diet Plan

My make shift eating plan for going Paleo, so far so good, my first Fran time was 4:58 retest in about 8 weeks.  I realize there are some Paleo no no's, but I'm not a professional athlete, lets see some of the worlds best crossfitters live in a bunker or on top of a mountain for 15 months getting shot at and see how they handle it.

Meal #1
3c Kale
16oz H2O
3 Protein Scoops Dymatize (2 Strawberry, 1 Chocolate)
1c Blueberries

Meal #2
1oz Almonds
1 Cliff Builder Bar

Meal #3
1c Cottage Cheese
1c Pineapple
16 Wheat Crackers (Back to Nature)
1tsp Peanut Butter

Meal #4
Paleo Kit

Pre Workout
1 Protein Scoop Dymatize
1/2c Pineapple

Post Workout
2 Protein Scoops Dymatize
(1 Casein, 1 Whey)

Meal #5
8oz Chicken
1 Red Pepper
1Green Pepper
1/2c Onion
Cube and place on a wood stick, grill

1c Cottage Cheese

Break Your Plateau

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Date with Fran

10 weeks of straight crossfit training, I decided to give Fran a trying thinking my time would be around 4 min or less....Damn being tall does have disadvantages; distance traveled on squats, press and pull-ups.  This was a lot harder than it looks, who knew 95lbs could be so heavy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mina Sauk Falls

A quick visit to the Mina Sauk  Falls and to the highest point in Missouri.  The 14 mile loop is not a difficult hike unless you run out of water and have a couple of casualties (Dogs).  The dogs are fine a little beat up with torn pads but they will survive.  They are currently recovering with 24 hour pampering. Water along the trail currently is pretty scarce, if you do go ensure everyone in your party has the capacity to carry more than 64oz of water, 150oz is good 200oz is better.  Taking a pet, dog boots are a must, Ruff Wear makes sweet Bark'n Boots (search the web for the best deal).

My packed weighed 42lbs which is heavy for a 1 night out and back trip, but I'm big so I don't mind carrying the extra weight, I want to be comfortable.  I wouldn't normally carry 4 knives either or all that 550 cord.

Pictures from the hike coming soon

Gear Taken:
Kelty Gunnison 2.1 with ground cloth(tent is not a must but it is good to test it out) Left the rain fly at home added Marmot Universal Gear Loft
Blast Match (This broke while in use, the steel piece fell out.  A regular flint and steel is better and less expensive )
Tarp with 6 bungee cords make shift shade
Rain Jacket (just in case)
2 pair socks
1 pair pants
1 shirt
Sleeping Bag 15 degree (could have just taken an US Army poncho liner)
550 Cord for building stuff and tying knots
First Aid Kit
Camp Pillow

Stove; MSR Pocket Rocket w/canister of fuel

MSR Spork
Mountain House Beef Stew
5 Paleo Kits

Filter:  MSR MiniWorks EX (The filter is awesome, it screws right onto a nalgene bottle)
4L Dromedary Bag (used while at base camp)
100oz Camelbak Bladder
1 32oz Nalgene Bottle

K-BAR Bowie
Leather Gloves

Bug Spray
Mosquito Net (best $1.96 I ever spent)
DEET 100 ( the more DEET the better to keep off ticks, only found 3 which is a win in my book)

Friday, July 8, 2011

RTAK II and KBAR Bowie

 A couple of sheaths for the RTAK-II and the K-Bar Bowie, excellent knives both come with crappy sheaths.  The photos are a lower quality because my good camera is broken.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So You Want To Join the Army

Here is a great video about what happens after you watch awesome stuff on tv then decide to join the Army

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