Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aftermath of The Falls

It was a great trip, a true test of what you are made of.  When someone in the party goes down, are you willing to carry more than your share of the load, 100% and then some.  Are you just trying to get a go everyone else be damned.  Someone goes down pick them up and move out, stop wasting time, complaining isn't going to solve anything and the more it sucks the better it is.  Want to see what your made of; try carring a 70lb dog for 10 miles up a mountain.

#1 heat causalities can happen at anytime or in this case hot rocks and dogs paws are a disastrous combination ARE YOU READY?  Dog Boots are a must, whoever tells you that dog boots don't work use musher's wax punch them in the face for 2 reasons:
     1.  They are an arm chair general who has never ever been outdoors (sort of like a dude named Collin, reviewing a pack, that has never seen the outside of his cubicle)
     2.  Musher's wax, by itself, isn't going to save your dogs from hot rocks, maybe the mean streets and hazards of a walk down the street but not 14 miles.  Using both is best but BOOTS are a must.  Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots (review coming)

If you venture to the Falls and it hasn't rained for months, don't bother it is just another pile of rocks.

The Falls with no water

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