Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diet Plan

My make shift eating plan for going Paleo, so far so good, my first Fran time was 4:58 retest in about 8 weeks.  I realize there are some Paleo no no's, but I'm not a professional athlete, lets see some of the worlds best crossfitters live in a bunker or on top of a mountain for 15 months getting shot at and see how they handle it.

Meal #1
3c Kale
16oz H2O
3 Protein Scoops Dymatize (2 Strawberry, 1 Chocolate)
1c Blueberries

Meal #2
1oz Almonds
1 Cliff Builder Bar

Meal #3
1c Cottage Cheese
1c Pineapple
16 Wheat Crackers (Back to Nature)
1tsp Peanut Butter

Meal #4
Paleo Kit

Pre Workout
1 Protein Scoop Dymatize
1/2c Pineapple

Post Workout
2 Protein Scoops Dymatize
(1 Casein, 1 Whey)

Meal #5
8oz Chicken
1 Red Pepper
1Green Pepper
1/2c Onion
Cube and place on a wood stick, grill

1c Cottage Cheese

Break Your Plateau

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