Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY Paleo Kit

On to the paleo diet, if I am going to compete in the crossfit games, the top crossfitters are all on the paleo diet so try I will.  I have noticed that paleo kits from steves original seem to be popular, at $5.75 and $6.50 for the grass fed version, seems a little pricey.  The problem with most diets are:  1.  I have a real job 2.  I am not a professional athlete 3.  I don't have millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands to pay for a professional cheif or meal service. 4, 5 and 6  I cook all my meals which means I prep all my meals and clean up after all my meals.  Time, Time, Time.

Items needed:

Beef Jerkey
Organic Blueberries
Organic Almonds
Organic Pinneapple
Food Saver Bags
Food Saver Vacuum Machine (what??? you don't own a food saver, tisk tisk.  When chicken is $0.90/lb you have to be ready to take advantage).

All products with the exception of the nuts were bought off, the almonds were bought locally.  The paleo kits do not come with blueberries but I like them so mine do, all fruit and nuts are organic but the jerky is not.  Why??? refer to reasons 1-4.

Blueberry Bag
3oz Jack Links Jerky ($1.16/oz) or use Organic Jerky ($1.67/oz)
40g Blueberries ($2.13/40g)
1oz Almonds ($0.36/oz)
1 quart bag ($0.40/bag)

Total price per pouch $6.37 (Organic $7.90)
Calories 550  Fat 17  Carb 50 Pro 51
The price tag of $6.37 is pretty steep also especially when my normal meals average out to $3.15, but these will prove invaluable while training or on the road and are actually a meal replacement (360 calories is not a meal replacement more like a snack)

Pineapple Bag
3oz Jerky ($1.16/oz)
1/4c Pineapple ($1.60)
1oz Almonds ($0.36/oz)
quart bag ($0.40)

Total $5.84 for pineapple

I also used apple chips which is even less

Break Your Plateau!


For all of us Math Nerds a full cost to calorie comparison is below

Mine (M) vs Steves Original Large (SOL)

M - 5.7oz 
SOL - 4.3oz

M - $6.37
SOL - $5.95 (plus shipping)

M - 550
SOL - 360

M - $0.011
SOL - $0.016

If I were to make mine 360 Calories the price would be $3.96 Almost $2.00 savings, for $0.42 more I get blueberries which I like, organic, and almost 200 more calories

M - 51g
SOL - 28
M>SOL by 23g

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