Friday, September 30, 2011

CDR Challenge #2

20fit cargo net tower
  Another 30 days of responding to emails and other tedious busy work has passed, whcih means for a couple hours we get to act like soldiers once again.

Commander's Challenge #2 took place at TA98 Obstacle Course.  16 stations over 1000m from monkey bars, rope climbs, 1 rope bridges, 3 rope bridges, low wires and rope swings (everything a person would need to feel super hooah).

Of course a 4 day pass, the coveted Commanders Challenge Championship belt and bragging rights were on the line.

200m Hill from Hell
 The competition was much more fiece this time with a couple of my soldiers gunning for my title, but my razor sharp mind, and super determination broght me a second win.

1st run 6:40
2nd run 6:14

Break your plateau

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time for Strength

Fall is upon us, dreams of sunny days by the pool are over, time to pack on strength.  Let your diet slip a bit take some time off to recover, 4 weeks of rehabbing my shoulder (moblitywod) and a week off to recover it is time to train for new PRs.

I will be reaching back into the 5x5 days x2 week (squat, deadlift, bench) 2 days of crossfit and 1 day of 400m/800m sprints.  16 weeks later I hope to achieve my goals.

Supps:  Creatine, Protein, BCAA's, Caffeine, Omega3, CLA, Tribulus

My super friend Justin helps a lot with the supps

  • Squat 405lbs
  • Deadlift 525lbs
  • Bench 375lbs
  • Total  1305lbs
The last time I hit my PR was OIF 07-09 Demon Platoon 1000 club, total weight 1285lbs but I was 255lbs not 200lbs. 

Break Your Plateau


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christmas Come Early

Christmas has come early for some Texans, some might think it is Christmas here all year long and it might be but Christmas is a lot of work

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Serpa Fails

Just read that the USMC is buying Blackhawk Serpa's for the Core....terrible news.  I wonder how many ND's this will cause.  Wearing a thigh harness looks cool but I'm not a fan and even worse is wearing it on your chest.  Enjoy

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why haven't I ever seen Action Figure Therapy

I don't get on the internet enough, but I could watch this all day...if you don't like strong language hmmm better not listen

Saturday, September 10, 2011

PMAG vs Troy Battle Mag (CBIR)

It is still amazing to me when I encounter Officers, NCO's and Soldiers who haven't ever see or touched a PMag.  What planet are they living on.

Well they are pretty similar, the PMag is a little heavier but I don't count ounces.  You will have to add some grip tape to the Troy it is a little slicker than the PMag.

PMag $14.20 +$5.00 for the Ranger Plate =$19.20
Troy $13.95 + $0 for the pull tab = $13.95

I like the PMAG better, it just feels better in my hand but the troy has the price.   I thought the Troy pull tab (feels like soft rubber) would break after a couple hundred mag changes but so far hasn't even phased it.

The followers are similar except the PMag's is more rigid, I can depress the Troy follower and make it uneven, I can not do the same with the PMag.  This may not even matter since I haven't ever experienced a jam due to magazine error with the PMag or the Troy mag; a few jams shooting wolf ammo ;).

Conculsion:  PMag wins my money. I think the PMags look more cool, they feel more robust but the price point is pretty huge.  I would buy the Troy mag if they went on sale for less than $10, that would make the Troy win (2 Troys for 1 Pmag).  For now my magazine pouches are full of PMags.

If you have a loved one going down range do not let them leave without 8 magazines, it would really suck to get shot because your weapon jams due to the crappy USGI Magazine.

Break Your Plateau