Friday, September 30, 2011

CDR Challenge #2

20fit cargo net tower
  Another 30 days of responding to emails and other tedious busy work has passed, whcih means for a couple hours we get to act like soldiers once again.

Commander's Challenge #2 took place at TA98 Obstacle Course.  16 stations over 1000m from monkey bars, rope climbs, 1 rope bridges, 3 rope bridges, low wires and rope swings (everything a person would need to feel super hooah).

Of course a 4 day pass, the coveted Commanders Challenge Championship belt and bragging rights were on the line.

200m Hill from Hell
 The competition was much more fiece this time with a couple of my soldiers gunning for my title, but my razor sharp mind, and super determination broght me a second win.

1st run 6:40
2nd run 6:14

Break your plateau

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  1. sounds bad ass!!! wish i was there to give you a run for you money!