Saturday, September 10, 2011

PMAG vs Troy Battle Mag (CBIR)

It is still amazing to me when I encounter Officers, NCO's and Soldiers who haven't ever see or touched a PMag.  What planet are they living on.

Well they are pretty similar, the PMag is a little heavier but I don't count ounces.  You will have to add some grip tape to the Troy it is a little slicker than the PMag.

PMag $14.20 +$5.00 for the Ranger Plate =$19.20
Troy $13.95 + $0 for the pull tab = $13.95

I like the PMAG better, it just feels better in my hand but the troy has the price.   I thought the Troy pull tab (feels like soft rubber) would break after a couple hundred mag changes but so far hasn't even phased it.

The followers are similar except the PMag's is more rigid, I can depress the Troy follower and make it uneven, I can not do the same with the PMag.  This may not even matter since I haven't ever experienced a jam due to magazine error with the PMag or the Troy mag; a few jams shooting wolf ammo ;).

Conculsion:  PMag wins my money. I think the PMags look more cool, they feel more robust but the price point is pretty huge.  I would buy the Troy mag if they went on sale for less than $10, that would make the Troy win (2 Troys for 1 Pmag).  For now my magazine pouches are full of PMags.

If you have a loved one going down range do not let them leave without 8 magazines, it would really suck to get shot because your weapon jams due to the crappy USGI Magazine.

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  1. where was this post a month ago???? i guess i'll be ok as i believe i'm what you would call a fobbit. but maybe i should pick some up just in case. recommended website to purchase one from???

    -LT Daniell

  2. Pmags aren't really permitted in country, at least when I was in. The solution is C product mags with Pmag followers. Just as reliable and look the same as USGI mags in the event you have a D-bag in your command who will give you crap about non standard gear.