Friday, August 26, 2011

1st Commander's Challenge

handsome devil
 1st event in the books and a huge success, my Soldiers were a bit hesitant leading up to the event (thinking I was going to try and kill them) but soon learned today was all about hard work, having fun and everyone competing to help each other reach the next level of physical fitness.  If I were a young soldier and my commander challenged me; I would gear the entire month between challenges to beat them and earn a 4 day pass and legend status. 
Link for full story here

Once a month the Commanders Challenge is held, any soldier that beats me gets a 4 day pass.  There are 4 challenges and every 4 months we repeat the challenge so we can measure improvement
Challenge #1 was held today and consisted of

5 pull ups or 2 muscle ups
5 dips (if you did muscle ups then you could skip the dips)
15m high crawl
#40/#80 duffel bag lift x4 (#40 rx'd for female and #80 for male)
50m run with duffel bag
5 pushups
30m buddy drag
50m run with duffel bag

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