Saturday, August 6, 2011

Deuter Kid Comfort II

After 50 or so miles walked wearing the Deuter Kid Comfort II (DKCII), rain or shine, safe to say I have an opinion or two.  I used this pack for 2-6 mile hikes, which for me is the right amount of distance for the kid.  For the specifics on the pack and company, click here, I own three Deuter packs and they are all awesome, I like the company, they have a good vibe and the packs look cool.  After borrowing a DKCII for a while I finally gave it back and bought one for myself.   I get most of my gear from Back Country Edge, they are located in PA have awesome customer service, great deals and will match prices.  They also have a sweet program called Inside Edge Points.  (disclaimer, I buy all my gear no one has given me anything free, once I figure out how to get a job as a pack tester...jackpot)

If you buy a DKCII, ensure you buy the Sun/Rain cover, I also bought the full rain cover which is really handy when you encounter rain.  I bought the DKCII because I liked the size and look over the DKCIII.  The III is too tall, I thought the height of the kid seat was unnecessary, and will increase the heat and cut down on air flow to the kid.

Hydration Sleeve - The biggest complaint is the H2O sleeve is rather small, it takes a lot of effort to get a full 100oz Camelbak bladder into the sleeve.  Once it is in, there is no loss in comfort, just getting it in is a huge pain. 

Easy Adjustment - Deuter calls it Veri Quick.  This allows you to adjust the height of the shoulder straps depending on the users torso size.  It is a great feature, it is quick and uses velcro.

Air Flow - Prickly Heat Sucks, anyone who has been to Ranger School knows, it is terrible.  The backing is made of breathable foam and allows a good amount of circulation.   I wish they would have added their Air Contact System, but then again his isn't really designed for 10-15 mile multiple night hikes.

Comfort - I am used to carrying heavy loads for long distances with crappy equipment, see molle rucksack.  This pack was extremely comfortable, lots of adjustments which made for enjoyable hikes for me and kid.

Security - The kid says secure which is important.  The shoulder and waist strap gives the kid stability, and getting in and out is a breeze.

The pack is awesome, best I have tried, the kid loves getting into it and instead of wasting time on the couch watching balls being thrown aroundwe are outside enjoying life.  If the world ends in 2012 wouldn't you rather be enjoying yourself instead of worrying about Al Gore and MAN BEAR PIG

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