Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Serpa Victims

Skip ahead to 1:36 to see the serpa fail.  Don't look to much into who made this video, I eat plenty of animals, the dude who pulls the gun forgets the most important piece to drawing your pistol, you must separate the pistol from the holster at 1:36 of the video.

Paddle holsters are for little kids, if you are serious about shooting and if you carry a gun you should be, attach the holster to your belt.

Who needs the Brady Campaign when you have gun owners like this, dude is the poster child for every gun grabber in the world.

Oh and I love when he draws he places his hand on the slide to cock the pistol because he knows it is not loaded...

Piece of Garbage Serpa holster that I never practice with...Check
Unloaded pistol...Check
Needlessly draw a handgun that will someday be taken away and used on myself because I'm an stupid old man that somehow has made it through life because of people like me that do all the hard and nasty work that people like him would have died long ago attempting....check
Make a fool of yourself on youtube...check

Hey stupid next time some crazy activist is taking your picture trying to get a rise out of you just keep driving...or give them exactly what they yard 101

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