Monday, February 13, 2012

Duracoat Aftermath

You never really know how many friends you have until you start spraying Duracoat.  A normal Saturday can turn into an awesome Saturday with friends, firearms and Duracoat.

In all we painted about 20 things (pistols, rifles, knives. magazines and lights), are the perfect?  They were when we painted them but after a couple weeks of time on the shelf, a day of training and blemishes are apparent.  It could be that we didn't sand enough (bead blaster may cure it) or we didn't wait the recommended 4 weeks (we waited 2).  The point is I may have gotten mad if I paid $150 per pistol and it started to wear off (which it will anyway no matter what you do).  Since we painted them ourselves, it gives the pistol character.

I did purchase a upgraded air brush, figured I'd paint just about every firearm I ever buy and my friends pitched in.  Also bought some clear masking film to make some designs, the blue tape on blue tape method worked ok, but the film should work better.

Stay away from the named brand paints, the Magpul FDE is my favorite but the Trijicon and EOTech are shiny like finger nail polish.  I'm going to try some of the tactical colors next, but Magpul FDE is the staple for Flat Dark Earth.

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