Monday, March 26, 2012

Duracoat Continues

The worst thing about Duracoat is there are way too many colors, and sometimes they turn out way different than you thought.  I'm probably addicted to it and the downside is it takes a long time and if you screw up hours have been wasted, patience is needed.

I thought about trying to multicam a rifle but it looked way to difficult and my attempt on an M4 magazine failed horribly, the camo actually worked but it wasn't what I was looking for.

The good news I really enjoy painting things, that and my friends always come over and we hang out while we sand and paint.  They never seem to run out of stuff to paint w.hich is nice because I don't have that much stuff and painting magazines gets old.

Another problem with the colors is people online don't list what colors they used, so I try to match what I think and the color is wrong and sucks.  Tactical Woodland Brown sucks, it really isn't brown at all, so my 3 color digital camo became 2, Magpul FDE and Tactical FDE.

The snake skin effect turns out awesome, (Tactical FDE and Magpul OD Green)

If someone has an awesome brown send me the color, next coloring i'm buying is tactical coyote tan.

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