Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cut Phase Begins

Today started my "Cut Phase" in order to survive and look good as the temperature rises.  Over the winter I went from 208lbs to 222lbs with around 13% body fat.  My goals for the "Cut Phase" are 212lbs with 6-7% body fat.  Pictures are added to track my progress and keep me honest, plus I hate when people play I have a secret and won't tell me what they do or don't practice what they preach.

Break Your Plateau

Before Bulk Phase Dec 2010
208lbs 8%Body Fat
Before "Cut Phase" April 2011
222lbs 13%Body Fat


  1. What are you eating during your cut phase? How do you train during that time? I am at 12-13%BF and am having a bitch of a time getting below that.

  2. Send me an email, i have it saved somewhere. the key is finding 5 meals that you can make without thinking, it is exhausting to find new things to eat everyday. Most people can't eat the same thing everyday but most poeple are fat, I would change my evening meal because I would have more time.