Thursday, March 31, 2011

12 Week Cut Phase

As summer draws near it comes time to once again shed the gained pounds during the winter bulk phase in order to function better as the weather heats up, and to look good at the pool.  My plan will consist of alternating between 2 workouts for each mustcle group every other week.  For example:
Sunday - Legs plan A
Monday- Arms plan B

Plan A will consist of straight sets with heavy weight for 8-10 reps usually 4 sets for 4-5 exercises
Plan B will super-set all exercises

Of course my weight lifting will be augmented with my Pre-Ranger program I run for 2nd Lieutenants (which currently is focusing on building core strength and improving our cardiovascular endurance)

The diet portion has been pretty tricky to plan as I am in the process of trying out a vegetarian diet, but will help from websites like KarmaChow which posts awesome recipes it is starting to come together.  Specific details posted Sunday when I will begin.

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