Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8 Weeks of Growth Phase has Ended

8 weeks ago I started a growth phase to gain 12 to 17lbs, I started at 208lbs and this morning I weigh in at 221lbs, Success.  Tomorrow I start my 12 weeks phase to shred the extra body fat I gained in preparation for summer.

How will I do it?  Well for the next 21 days I am going to become a vegetarian (not a vegan), I will still eat animal bi-products i.e. milk, cottage cheese, etc, why?  I like to know not believe.  If someone tells me that eating like a vegetarian will make me feel better then I want to know for sure and the only way to know is to do.

Information is key, with information you can use all of it, none of it, or some of it.  If I receive information and after using it realize it is garbage then I can simply check it off my list and now I know.

I'm sure it will be tricky in the beginning, finding new recipes, new foods to dial in my diet.  Life is about adventure and every time you start a new diet or workout program it is an adventure.

Break your plateau!


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