Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Commanders Challenge #1

There are 3 Commanders Challenges, where I challenge the entire company, with each challenge repeating every 3 months (we will complete each challenge 4 times per year) today was the 4th month so back to challenge #1.  If anyone beats my time they get a 3 day pass and their name on the belt. 

5 pullups and 5 dips
2 muscle ups
20m low crawl
4 bag lifts from ground to shoulder (#80/#40)
50m run with bag
30m buddy drag
5 pushups
50m run with bag

WINNER:  ME hahah time 91 seconds.
Tally:  ME 4 Company 0
I had a new dude in process who was touting a 300+ pt score and I actually thought he may beat me..wrong his time 4 minutes +

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