Sunday, January 15, 2012

Duracoat, Do It

Blue tape, Q-Tips, Cotton balls
There are a ton of Duracoat videos on youtube, I have watched a lot of them.  If you continue to watch them you will have no idea just how awesome Duracoat is.  For months I sat on the sidelines with excuses like it takes to long and I don't have an air compressor, for 2012 make a goal to Duracoat something.

I had no idea just how incomplete my life has been up to now.  I am currently running out of stuff to Duracoat and running out of Duracoat.

Yes, there are professionals who will Duracoat your pistol and yes they charge a lot ($150 minimum) it is all about time, and it is time consuming, in a good way.  Prep takes a long time, and the longer you take the better off it will turn out. 

Crunch the numbers:

-1 pistol $150 min

-EZ Kit $54.95 (I bought this and an extra color +$17.95)
-Air compressor $100 (go to Lowes 1.5gal tank)
-at least 4 pistol + magazines + holster + knife

Total <$300 although can you really count the air compressor? You can use it to pump up tires and clean off your keyboard etc.  Once you buy the air compressor it is done no more costs.

Colors: EO Tech Flat Dark Earth and Magpul Flat Dark Earth
If you are considering using Duracoat you know you will paint more than one pistol (knifes, holsters, remotes, magazines).  

The real challenge is finding things to Duracoat and choosing the colors.

I pass along the following advice:
1. Wear a mask, spray outside or in the garage with the doors up
2. Make a plan; gather all items to duracoat in one central location
3.  Buy a bigger bottle to spray out of, the bottles that come with the EZ Kit barely hold 2TBSP of Duracoat which runs out fast.
4.  Order 10 free samples of the colors you are thinking about.  Lowery Weapons sends them out for free and you can see exactly what the color will look like.

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