Sunday, January 29, 2012

Get on the Juice

30 days since new years, all the new faces at the gym determined to "get in shape" have given up and my workouts can continue as normal.  On to hippies; seems as the years go by everything they said is true, from foreign entanglements, non-GMO food, various powers of green plants, eating organic and Green Drink (or juicing).

If you try anything this year you must go to the store by a juicer ($50 at Walmart) a whole bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables and blam!  The first time I drank a super green drink my skin started to tingle and my body felt like someone had just jump started my battery.  It is hard to put the feeling into words, it was incredible.  I had a rush go through my body that I had never felt before, the only way to understand is to try it for yourself.

I'm 90 days in and I will never ever go with out green drink again; every morning it starts with green drink and sometimes a green drink smoothie around 2pm.  The good thing about juicing is you can taking anything and throw it in there.  I know you think it is going to taste awful but when you add apples or pineapple it taste awesome.

Important: find a glass or cup that is big enough to hold 32oz of liquid yet short enough to fit under the spout.  If you want a super super drink add super green powder but this will thicken the juice and is awesome but will nullify some of the sweet taste. Use the blender after adding super green powder.

My receipe:
2 apples
Kale (at least 3 large leafs)
Spinach 2-3 cups
2 stalks of celery
2 carrots
1 cucumber

Break your Plateau

Still not convinced watch the trailer below for "FOOD MATTERS" or follow the link to youtube where you can watch the entire film.

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