Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meal Plan #4

I am currently in an 8 week phase to gain strength, I started at 208lbs with the goal of reaching 220-225lbs (but strength is most important).  My cardio and ab work is lower during this phase, my workouts are shorter and the diet is not as strict (giving my body and mind a rest).
You'll notice that I eat similar foods every day, I do this for two reasons:  I like the foods and it is simple.  The simpler your diet is (predictable) the more likely you'll stick to it, I am busy and don't have a million dollars to hire a personal chef and trainer or all day to contemplate my meals.  I eat on the go, I make my meals in the morning (sometimes the night before) pack them in my cooler and hi hoe hi hoe off to work I go.

Meal Plan gives you 2800-3200 calories, depending on different brands, portion sizes, etc.

Meal #1
Immediately after waking up drink 24-32oz of H2O, your body depleted itself of water while you were sleeping, replenish it.
3 egg whites
3 eggs
1/2c Granola Cereal
1c Milk
2500units of Vitamin D

Meal #2 (2 hours before workout)
1c Cottage Cheese
1c Pineapple
Multi-Vitamin (Animal Pak)

400mg Caffeine
1 scoop Protein Powder

During Workout
2tbsp Gatorade Powder 
5g Creatine
10g BCAAs

Post Workout
2 scoops Protein Powder

Meal #3
1can Tuna
2slices Mulit-Grain bread
1 Roma tomato
1 V8 (low sodium)
1 Cliff Builder Bar (peanut butter)

Meal #4
10oz Chicken
2med Potato
1c Broccoli

Meal #5
1c Cottage Cheese


Water (ensure it is filtered)
100oz per day (I drink 3 to 4 Nalgene Bottles)
Add 3tbsp Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to one bottle a day

Add a couple cheat meals (not days) or snacks a week.  Tip like Oreo Cookies, try Back to Nature Classic Creme, no High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Break your Plateau!
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